Novas responsabilidades – Bezerra de Menezes

We were graced with this message which for now is in Portuguese but we intend to translate to English in the coming days. Thank you for reading. Filhos da alma: que Jesus nos abençoe. O século XXI continua guindado à mais alta tecnologia desbravando os infindáveis horizontes da ciência. Antigos mistérios do conhecimento são desvelados. …Read More

New time for Sunday meetings

Starting this July, Sunday meetings will be held from 18:00 to 19:00. We found this to give people a bit of an easier break in their activities. This is the time for the summer and we’ll alter it again in the winter to take into consideration the shorter days. Thank you all for your presence …Read More

Fund-raising BBQ at High Park

For those who are unfamiliar, we hold this fund-raising event once a year at High Park. It’s a joint effort between us and the folks from Joanna de Angelis Spiritis Study Group. It’s a great opportunity to invite your friends and family to taste the traditional Brazilian BBQ! For a small fee, guests will enjoy …Read More