Emmanuel’s successive lives

Some of you will be familiar with Chico Xavier’s spiritual mentor, Emmanuel. In this article we cite an educational summary of his past incarnations. It’s in Portuguese for now, but we intend to translate in a near future. As vidas sucessivas de Emmanuel Simas, Grão-sacerdote do Egito Século IX a.C. Grão-sacerdote do templo de Ámon-Rã …Read More

Annual fundraising BBQ at High Park – 2010

It’s official now! The event is scheduled for the 18th of July, from 12 to 4PM. Tickets are $15,00 if bought in advance (includes one soft drink and children under 7 years old don’t pay) and $18,00 at the event but we highly encourage people to buy in advance as money transactions are less than …Read More