We are a group of individuals engaged in the study and practice of Spiritism and its morals, as defined by Allan Kardec’s cornerstone writings from over 150 years ago. Spiritism presents Christ’s teachings in a way that incorporates the existence and immortal characteristics of spirits and its presence among us, incarnated beings. It elucidates natural phenomena like reincarnation and karma as part of the designs that contribute to our moral evolution. The teachings in the Spiritist doctrine offer a simple, yet not simplistic, way to practice the self-transformation towards a Christian ideal of living with love for our fellow human beings.

We’ll update the website with links, information about our activities and other material concerning Spiritism. Thanks for visiting and come back often! We are located in Toronto, Canada, at 1268 St. Clair Ave. West, second floor.
For now you can reach us at:
contact at restontheway dot org

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  1. Fernanda

    Please, I would like to know which times you have reunions for the public in general. I used to go to a Spiritism Center in Brazil and I would like to continue this here in Canada. Thank you

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