Our 12th Anniversary

Last Sunday, March 4, was the 12th Anniversary of Rest On The Way. We had a warm celebration! Sobek de Alcantara spoke about the “Heroes of the Gospel”, major characters who spread love, peace and humility through their actions. We also had a potluck, and enjoyed delicious snacks and talks. Check out the pictures: Thanks …Read More

3rd Toronto Spiritist Weekend – “Mediumship”

Christian Spiritist Centre, Joanna de Ângelis Spiritist Study Group and the Rest on the Way Spiritist Centre are sponsoring the III Toronto Spiritist Weekend on October 29-30, 2011 in Toronto, Ontario. In homage to the 150 years Anniversary of the publication of The Mediums’ Book, by Allan Kardec, the theme for the III Toronto Spiritist …Read More

Special public talk on the book “I’m Back!”

Our friend Sobek de Alcântara Rebello will be making a special talk on the book “I’m Back!”, by the spirit: BROTHER JACOB, through the medium: Francisco Cândido Xavier “… A man of unusual biography. With entrepreneur spirit, gallantly won the slippery and dangerous race of wealth. Retained the candor of the believer, the faith that …Read More

Spiritism and Homosexuality

Our friend and founding member Sobek wrote a thorough article about Homosexuality and Spiritism. He talks about it from a historical perspective, as well as through the lens of the Spiritist filosophy and the result is a piece that urges us to shed our prejudices and accept our fellows in journey without judgment, as Christ …Read More

Current schedule of regular activities

We’d like to introduce a new calendar of activities starting this February. All our meetings will now be in English and there are more options during the week and a new family-oriented, but not exclusive, study session on sunday mornings with activities for children. We’ll be posting the intended curriculums for the study groups soon. …Read More

Francisco do Espírito Santos

This past October 2nd, some of us had the pleasure to attend a talk by Francisco do Espírito Santo, a guest speaker invited from Brazil by our friends at JASSG. Here are some pictures from the event.

Winter schedule of Sunday activities

We’re changing our hours for the Sundays this winter. The idea is to take advantage of the brightness, specially for those who have children, so starting on the 21st of November our public activities will go from 5PM to 6:30. Thanks for understanding and hope to see you all there!

Emmanuel’s successive lives

Some of you will be familiar with Chico Xavier’s spiritual mentor, Emmanuel. In this article we cite an educational summary of his past incarnations. It’s in Portuguese for now, but we intend to translate in a near future. As vidas sucessivas de Emmanuel Simas, Grão-sacerdote do Egito Século IX a.C. Grão-sacerdote do templo de Ámon-Rã …Read More